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Gelsenkirchen (ots)

The first half of the UEFA EURO 2024 preliminary round match between Serbia and England in Gelsenkirchen is over. Fans of both teams have been gathering throughout the city since the early morning. Thousands of English fans got in the mood for the match at the horse racing track. Around 4,000 Serbian fans marched mainly peacefully towards the stadium. The fan march had to be stopped several times along the way because pyrotechnics were being set off.

At around 3.45 p.m., the police became aware of a conflict between Serbian and English football fans near Arminstraße. Riot police were deployed to separate the two fan camps. They took seven Serbian supporters into custody and filed a criminal complaint for causing grievous bodily harm.

There were no further incidents on the way to the stadium. There is a lively atmosphere around the stadium. The police are on the scene and are keeping an eye on the situation.

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