Customs and Interpol – Close Cooperation The Director General of German Customs Authority, Schröder hosted by the Head of Interpol, Dr Stock

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Bonn (ots) – On 25 October 2017, the Director General of German Customs Authority, Uwe Schröder, and the Secretary-General of Interpol, Jürgen Stock, met in Lyon in order to share experiences. In particular, the purpose of their meeting was to further intensify the good cooperation that exists between the German Customs Authority and Interpol.

Uwe Schröder put particular emphasis on one aspect: „We have to combat organised crime and terrorism with joint operations. We are using all of our competencies and authorisations to achieve this purpose. The cooperation with Interpol represents a great added value from which we will benefit on a global scale. This is also indicated by the positive results of our conversation today. Therefore, personal contact and sharing experiences with Jürgen Stock are very important to me.“

After the reorganisation of the German customs and, in this context, the establishment of a General Customs Authority as higher federal authority as of 1 January 2016, the General Customs Authority with the Customs Criminological Office is responsible for the dialogue with Interpol and intensifying the cooperation on an international level.

„Close cooperation between police and customs is essential in combating all forms of cross-border criminal activities, and to identify the routes used in transporting illicit goods. Interpol is committed to continuing its strong relationships with customs organizations at the national and global levels,“ said Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock.

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The International Criminal Police Organisation (also referred to as ICPO-Interpol International Criminal Police Organisation) is an association founded to intensify the cooperation between national police and security authorities. It was founded in Vienna in 1923 as International Criminal Police Commission. Nowadays, Interpol’s headquarters is located in Lyon and its presidency rests with Secretary-General, Jürgen Stock. Until the beginning of November 2014, he was the deputy head of Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office. During the 83rd General Assembly of Interpol in Monaco, Stock was elected Secretary-General of the organisation. Interpol authorises the police forces of the 192 member states to work together. At present, the organisation’s main focus is on three tasks: combatting terrorism, cybercrime as well as organised crime.


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